Spectrum Swift

Spectrum Swift
  • Soren

    The newest addition to Spectrum Swift, Soren ''Soren'' Ahadiani, is an outstanding rifler who is consistently delivering top performance in matches. There is never a game where Soren is underperforming you can always rely on him to do what he needs to do for the team to win whatever it takes. Extremely proficient in both aiming and thinking this guy will hold down the toughest chokepoints on the map and will win close to all clutch situations. There is no way to upset him as he will always stay calm with a mind focused on winning.  A guy as ice cold as Soren is a virtue to have on the team and at the same time he is a nightmare to play against since no one can gather the courage to enter his domain. -Filip "Mesh" von Knorring...Read More

  • Spooos

    Markus "Spooos" Jatko is currently playing for Spectrum Swift as their entry fragger.I do believe that in the upcoming years Spooos will be a player known by all. Spooos is that kind of player that makes you feel useless, he doesn't give you a chance no matter what you are doing. No matter if you are lurking, no matter if you are rushing, he will always be there to demolish you. Spooos is one of the best, if NOT the best in the whole Spectrum Organization. He is the most powerful player I've ever come across, he can literally win rounds by himself. His ability to entryfrag is something unheard of, like I said, he makes you feel useless. He will not only destroy your teammates but he will repeat it over and over again, and he will let you know it. He has the mentality of someone competitive, someone that will do ANYTHING to win in those important moments. - David "Voice" Tönnäng...Read More

  • Shortleg

      Playing for Spectrum Swift.   Rasmus "Shortleg "Andersen is playing for Spectrum Swift, Shortleg is the rifler for his team. He is the one that makes Swift will be able to have map controls , with his aim which can both spray and tap on long distance makes Shortleg the most dangerous player in Spectrum. To meet Shortleg is always scary, wherever you are , you are afraid that he will take you , no matter if you are the other side of the map or behind him , you never know what Shortleg can do with his aim and gamesense, Shortleg is a rising star.  -Gustav " Freak" Wiklund...Read More

  • Mesh

    Filip ''Mesh'' von Knorring is playing for Spectrum Swift. He is known to be ''the'' awper as his role not only depends on his picks with the awp, but also be the one who keeps the team going. Not only does his lightning fast reflexes get the kills that are needed but he does it in style. You have to pay real good attention to Mesh when playing against him, not only will he be there to spot you, he will kill you... no.. he will kill all of you if you don't prevent him from doing so. Mesh is the fuel of the team, as i mentioned he keeps the team going, he will always stay positive no matter the circumstances. If the team is in a round loosing streak he will either turn the tables around or make someone else do it in the team. A great honor to have such talent in the team and a nightmare to have against. - Soren ''Soren'' Ahadiani  ...Read More

  • s4mpo

    ...Read More