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Markus Jatko


Markus "Spooos" Jatko is currently playing for Spectrum Swift as their entry fragger.

I do believe that in the upcoming years Spooos will be a player known by all. Spooos is that kind of player that makes you feel useless, he doesn't give you a chance no matter what you are doing. No matter if you are lurking, no matter if you are rushing, he will always be there to demolish you. Spooos is one of the best, if NOT the best in the whole Spectrum Organization. He is the most powerful player I've ever come across, he can literally win rounds by himself. His ability to entryfrag is something unheard of, like I said, he makes you feel useless. He will not only destroy your teammates but he will repeat it over and over again, and he will let you know it. He has the mentality of someone competitive, someone that will do ANYTHING to win in those important moments. - David "Voice" Tönnäng