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Soren Ahadiani

  • Stockholm
  • 5th June 1997


The newest addition to Spectrum Swift, Soren ''Soren'' Ahadiani, is an outstanding rifler who is consistently delivering top performance in matches. There is never a game where Soren is underperforming you can always rely on him to do what he needs to do for the team to win whatever it takes.

Extremely proficient in both aiming and thinking this guy will hold down the toughest chokepoints on the map and will win close to all clutch situations. There is no way to upset him as he will always stay calm with a mind focused on winning. 

A guy as ice cold as Soren is a virtue to have on the team and at the same time he is a nightmare to play against since no one can gather the courage to enter his domain. -Filip "Mesh" von Knorring