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Filip von Knorring

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 14th November 1999


Filip ''Mesh'' von Knorring is playing for Spectrum Swift. He is known to be ''the'' awper as his role not only depends on his picks with the awp, but also be the one who keeps the team going. Not only does his lightning fast reflexes get the kills that are needed but he does it in style. You have to pay real good attention to Mesh when playing against him, not only will he be there to spot you, he will kill you... no.. he will kill all of you if you don't prevent him from doing so.

Mesh is the fuel of the team, as i mentioned he keeps the team going, he will always stay positive no matter the circumstances. If the team is in a round loosing streak he will either turn the tables around or make someone else do it in the team. A great honor to have such talent in the team and a nightmare to have against. - Soren ''Soren'' Ahadiani