Spectrum eSports was founded in April 2015 by Harald "Yoldrim" Bergqvist and Walter "Lin[K]" Skoglund. Spectrum eSports is an up-coming competitive team organization created to provide an atmosphere that is both professional, as well as friendly. Spectrum prides itself in hosting rosters that have proven themselves able to stand up in today’s challenging eSports scene.

What Spectrum eSports offers at the moment:

– Two hard working individuals who have a dream of seeing their team in top-level competitive play of all games supported.


– A website where the players can keep in contact, and eventually where media will be uploaded. (Such as Tournament pics, Youtube videos, as well as Streams.)

– An atmosphere of both professionalism as well as friendly. We expect our players to present themselves in a way that looks good for the rest of the Organization.

– Six teams who are dedicated to making a name for themselves in their respective games. (Which is only Counter Strike:Global Offensive at the moment)


What Spectrum eSports plans to offer in the future:

– A great player-base that interacts with the community and fan-base of Spectrum eSports.

– Multiple teams with fantastic placements in tournaments they’ve competed in.

– Regular Youtube and Twitch content.


What Spectrum eSports does not offer:

– Spectrum does not offer an atmosphere for individuals with lack of compassion or self-motivation.

– Spectrum does not offer it’s services to people who are toxic or reflect poorly on those around them.

Expectations as a Professional Gaming Organization:
Spectrum eSports greatly promotes the open atmosphere that the eSports scene is attempting to create. Spectrum eSports dedicates ourselves to keeping the eSports scene a clean and friendly community where players and teams can have friendly, healthy competition and rivalry. Spectrum eSports prides ourselves in our staff and player’s ability to stay calm and collected in the face of difficult situations.